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Dairy the Right Way, Every Day

Happy Cows.
Quality Milk.

Perfecting the Dairy Process for nearly 100 Years.

To bring award-winning milk to your table, we know our cows need to be healthy and happy.

We prioritize their comfort, feed them nutritious, locally-grown food, and constantly monitor their well-being.

The result? Happy cows that produce wholesome, nutritious milk.

But we don’t stop there — we’re constantly finding ways to ensure the best for our cows.

The Impact of Dairy

Dairy significantly boosts the Midwest economy.

For instance, Wisconsin’s economy benefits from $43.4 billion through the dairy industry. In Nebraska, every dairy cow contributes $34,000 to the economy annually.

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milk and strawberries

Our Reach

Gallons Milk / Day

Dairy Cows


Million in Local Purchasing

Down To Earth Roots

Everything starts in our local communities.

From getting to know local growers and understanding community needs to strengthening the economy through local purchasing, our aim is to give back.

Sustainable Future

Our process is all about long-term sustainability: conserving water, recycling resources, and preserving the land for future generations.

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