About Us

feeding cows
cookies and milk

Caring — every step of the way

Every part of the process is important. This attention to detail shapes our decisions.

While we’ve grown over the years, we remain rooted in our passion for what we do.

Todd and TJ Tuls walk each farm every two weeks to ensure the well-being of each cow. Plus, our team leaders and members keep close watch over the cows daily. It’s this type of personal touch that transforms our commitment into action.

Our Commitment

Animal Care

It all starts with how we raise our calves. We monitor each calf closely and continue to track their well-being throughout every stage of their life. From providing a comfortable home to serving nutritious food, we ensure our cows are both healthy and happy.

Environmental Stewardship

We are dedicated to preserving our land and water for future generations. Our operations produce no waste in local waters. We monitor soil health, convert manure to fertilizer, and turn methane into renewable energy or fuel to create a sustainable, cyclical system.

Community Connection

As multi-generational farmers, we understand the value of community. We’re not just in these towns — we’re part of them. From supporting local programs to using local services, we’re always looking for ways to do our part in making our towns a better place.

Our Story

A Tuls Family Tradition

Dairy farming has been a way of life for the Tuls family for generations. Our founder and owner, Todd Tuls, is a third-generation farmer who has owned and operated dairies across the country.

Todd began dairy farming in middle school, bottle-feeding calves on a 400-cow farm in Chino, California. Since then, he has overseen multiple large-scale dairy operations.

In 2000, Todd and his family moved to Nebraska and formed Double Dutch Dairy, the first Tuls Dairies farm. Today, Tuls Dairies operates farms across Nebraska, Wisconsin, and Kansas.

Todd’s son, T.J., now plays a pivotal role in the business alongside his father. With each new endeavor, they continue to maintain the quality that was carefully cultivated on their very first farm.

Our Purpose

Make more milk to feed the world and positively impact our communities

Our Values


We are passionate about our calling.


We strive to always do right. We communicate. We are open and honest. We are kind and believe the best in others.


We are intentional in all that we do. We are hardworking, and we consistently G.S.D.


We are thankful for what we have been given, and we are thankful for those placed in our lives.


We care about our people, cattle, and the environment.


We enjoy the journey. We generously give to others and help them achieve their dreams.

Our Farms

Explore the Tuls Dairy farms across Nebraska, Wisconsin, and Kansas.