Animal Care

A Culture of Care

We go to great lengths to ensure our cows are healthy and comfortable.

There is a lot that goes into this. But most importantly, we have experienced people watching out for our animals’ daily needs.

Since cows can’t speak, it’s important that team members are well-trained and understand a cow’s body language. As part of this commitment, Todd and T.J. Tuls personally inspect each cow every two weeks.

The Good Life:
A Cow’s Perspective

What does it look like when a cow is happy and producing quality milk? Our experts are trained to know all the details.

Well-Regulated Temperature

Cows like to be cool. In fact, heat stress is particularly hard on cows. We provide cows with tunnel barns designed for their comfort, with features like state-of-the-art fans, electronic roller curtains, and evaporative cooling systems.

A Comfy Home

Our cows live in tunnel-ventilated barns optimized for natural light and fresh air. They are protected from the elements and move freely about the barns, feeding at will and resting on comfortable sand bedding.

Reliable Routines

Cows like being fed and milked at the same time each day and resting in beds that are cleaned and made daily. All cows walk into the parlor at the same time each day to get milked. Afterward, they’ll find their favorite spot to rest. 

A Balanced Diet

Imagine having a chef and certified dietician preparing your meals each day. That’s the life of our dairy cows. Each cow receives a fresh, balanced diet made from locally sourced ingredients, with any leftovers repurposed as fertilizer.

Total Mixed Ration (TMR):

TMR is a precise mix of corn, corn silage, alfalfa, and soybeans. Every component of the TMR is analyzed regularly in our labs for protein, starch, and mineral levels. The ratios are adjusted biweekly to meet each cow’s dietary needs.

Other Aspects of Animal Health


Comfort and Care

Cows prefer sand beds because they’re cool and comfortable — plus, they help reduce the risk of infections like mastitis. Each cow gets regular foot baths and toenail trims (essentially their own pedicure)!


Continual Health Oversight

If a cow isn’t well, we act quickly. Our licensed vets use advanced technology and personal care to help them feel better fast.

female worker cleaning barn
closeup of a cow

Cow Health and Antibiotic-Free Milk

We are committed to producing antibiotic-free milk. But we also care about the well-being of each and every cow.

Most often, if a cow is under the weather, vitamins and supplements will help them get better. Occasionally, just like humans, a cow needs antibiotics to get better.

Any cow under treatment is isolated, and her milk is discarded. After recovery, she is only returned to the herd once tests confirm there are no traces of antibiotics in her milk.

Balanced Diet. Balanced Environment.

We feed our cows for both their health and environmental sustainability.

The right nutrition levels create manure that can be reused as high-quality fertilizer. This treated manure maximizes crop production and prevents runoff into water sources.

Our animal nutrition and nutrient management experts work closely together to ensure that cropland receives balanced nutrient levels.

Environmental Stewardship

Local Community