Animal Health
The health of our animals is a top priority on our farms. We work closely with expert local veterinarians and utilize advanced technology to monitor the health of every one of our cows.

That may sound like an obvious statement, but cows are at the heart of everything we do. Our licensed veterinarians and our highly trained staff are dedicated to the health and wellbeing of our cows. They use a combination of cutting-edge technology and hands-on compassionate care in ensuring every cow receives the attention she needs. Our technology and health procedures also ensure that our milk is healthy and antibiotic free.

Tuls Dairies uses state-of-the-art technology — from ultrasounds that make sure pregnant cows and their calves are healthy to advanced electronic scanning and medical record keeping. Our detailed health protocols help prevent illness and assist in developing treatment options as necessary. Our veterinary care area allows us to isolate cows needing special medical care. Usually that care involves providing vitamins or supplements, but sometimes a sick cow needs antibiotics to get better. When that’s the case, the cow needing treatment is isolated from the herd and she is milked separately to guarantee that her milk is not comingled with the herd’s milk. After she recovers and finishes her treatment, she remains isolated to allow her body to process and fully pass the medication. Only when detailed tests show no traces of antibiotics in either the cow or her milk, is she returned to the general herd.

Tuls Dairies’ healthcare experts and trained staff work tirelessly to make sure our cows are healthy and our consumers receive healthy milk.