Environmental Stewardship

A Cycle of Sustainability

From growing food sustainably on local farms to replenishing the soil with nutrients from manure, we aim to keep the earth healthy and productive for generations to come. We practice regenerative farming to actively revitalize the soil and the environment.

Protecting Our Water

We are committed to keeping our water clean through strategic facility designs and strict safety protocols.

It’s not something we do simply to satisfy government regulations. Whenever possible, we go above and beyond regulations to conserve and protect our surface and groundwater.

How We Do It

Maintain a zero discharge operation.

Our dairy farms don’t allow any waste into the water. This is achieved by using an advanced wastewater treatment system.

Recycle water.

We reuse water on our farm. After washing the milking parlor, we use that water to rinse our barns. It’s then treated and used to irrigate local crops.

Minimize fertilizer runoff.

We collaborate with local farming operations to ensure nutrients are kept in the soil — so they don’t run off into nearby water sources.

female worker cleaning barn
closeup of a cow

The Nutrient Cycle

Other Ways We Practice Sustainability

Keep soil and air clean.

Our Nutrient Management Plan is a strategy to apply the right amount of manure or fertilizer in the right places at the right time. This plan reduces runoff, keeps nutrients in the soil to feed crops, and protects nearby water sources. Plus, healthy soil captures more carbon, reducing air pollution.

Recycle manure.

We turn manure into a valuable resource for our local soil and farmers. We store it in facilities that surpass state requirements, built to withstand pressure and avoid leaks. Rainwater is collected, and overflow is prevented with specialized pipes. This manure is recycled as a natural fertilizer for local farms, reducing reliance on energy-intensive fertilizers and supporting a circular economy.

Keeping It Local

We prioritize local sourcing and distribution to support Midwest farmers, minimize driving time, and reduce our carbon footprint.

Protecting Our Water

We’re always exploring new procedures and tools to enhance our sustainability.

Featured: Methane Digestors

We created Tuls Renewable Energy, LLC to turn the lagoon methane gas into biofuel for a greener energy source. We’ve teamed up with Maas Energy, experts with experience building digesters from California to the Midwest. All digestors became operational late in 2023.

Animal Care

Community Impact