Our Communities

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Rooted Neighbors

We plug into our communities, connecting with local growers and looking out for our neighbors. We believe in contributing to the local economy and giving back.

We’re deeply connected to our communities. This means contributing to the local economy, building relationships with local growers, and giving back to our neighbors.


jobs created throughout the Midwest


of net earnings donated back to the community


of dollars in local purchasing each year

Supporting the Local Economy

We are thankful to operate in vibrant local communities. Each year, our dairies in Nebraska and Wisconsin contribute millions to the local economy by purchasing essentials like hay, grain, and various services.

Beyond business, we’re active in enriching and helping our communities. Todd repurposed a former YMCA in Columbus, Nebraska, into a modern worship space with a coffee shop and sports facilities. Also, when a local grocery store in Shelby, NE, was at risk, Todd and fellow investors stepped up to keep its doors open.

Investing in the next generation

We’re committed to uplifting youth in our communities. Our contributions range from:


Local libraries & reading initiatives


Sports fields


The Hope Line (a teen help network)


4H and FFA youth programs

“We believe it’s important to invest in the next generation. We invest in the younger generation to help them achieve.”


Todd Tuls

Spreading agricultural awareness

Todd is passionate about teaching people the benefits and significance of agriculture. Beyond backing ag-centric youth programs, we attend Career Days to spread ag awareness. In Wisconsin, our dairies significantly contribute to Farm Wisconsin, an interactive ag education center in Manitowoc County.

Respecting Our Environment and Infrastructure

We actively reduce dairy odors and respect local roads. In many cases, we’ve financed new roads when our trucks could cause problems with the existing infrastructure.

We also strive to integrate our operations smoothly into the community and continuously seek ways to minimize our environmental impact.

Animal Care

Environmental Stewardship